Soulful Outbursts: A Black man's mastery of Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m reblogging a guest post from a while back, one Black man’s thoughts on Love (Sorry ladies he’s engaged to my sister, lol). Enjoy!

I LOVE. I live love. I am love. I believe love is the only answer to every question. Love is the only way to be. It’s always refreshing when my brothers agree with me and are willing to share their wisdom on the subject. Without further ado, I present our first guest Outburst from the Soul of a [Black] man. -aw

This is what I know about love. Just my experience.

by writer and photographer Tarik Ghee

Love is the thing that wakes you up, puts your feet on the ground and continuously pushes you to search for it.

Love and Hate are like oil and water. They don’t mix, you have to choose which one you’re going to make your meal with.

Love is not an addiction when its grounded in the wrong things. Love is an addiction when it becomes a way of life and helps you grow.

Feel free to sacrifice hurtful things, love is abundant and can always replenish whatever you’re lacking

I am infatuated with the newness of love. The moment when you first meet someone that you think you could spend the rest of your life with

You have to tell love, wherever you’ve been hiding in my life, I will find you because I want everything that you say you have to offer.

The best way to get love, is to give it… at all cost, it may be exploited, taken advantage of, but that can never diminish it’s energy

The spirit of God is love. When we feel anything but love, the intensity of that feeling determines our distance from God.

When God removes you from a situation its called deliverance, whether you were ready to go or not

All you can ever ask from your partner is that they make you want to be the better you, love better, think better, live better

Finding good love can feel like playing the lottery, U should lose more than u win, but only a fool throws away the ticket without checking

When someone has to ask you to love them, its time to end the relationship, for the sake of both parties involved

Love does not require a sacrifice of spirit, it requires an enhancement of spirit. It builds while the world destroys

Chase love until your legs fall off, it’ll leave you on your knees, in perfect position to praise God.

Its hard to write about love, when you experience so much pain. But thats precisely when you should write about it

Love is when you smell the shirts you let her wear, just to trace that moment of her being nearby

Love is when you feel half conscious in her absence, and super conscious with her around

Love is when she makes you want to better each day, hour, minute, second

Love is when you can put past hurt aside and allow yourself to trust again.

Love is when the thought of her allows you to push through your challenges and pursuit of the rewards you both can share.

Love is when you can admit to her and the people you care about: I love this woman

Love is when the rest of the world could fade away and leave just you two behind

Love is when you feel at peace with her around, and confusion in her absence

Love is when you make sacrifices of the old you for the enhancement of the new “US”

Love is when you’re willing to be a fool for her, in private and public, because you realize love takes time to mature

Love is when her strength is your weakness

Love is when you can’t wait for her to meet your mother, because she has your mother’s best qualities

Love is when you find yourself using patience over anger in dealing with the challenges that arise between the 2 of you

Love is when you learn from your mistakes in the past and will be damned if you make those mistakes with her.

Love is when she makes you laugh uncontrollably, loves unconditionally and live more responsibly

Love is when you want to be a man for her. Repeat “a MAN” for her

Love is when you have more trust than doubt, in her, in you and the relationship you’re building together with her

Don’t walk around under a lust cloud, thinking its gonna rain love.

Its better to be poor financially than to be poor morally. Money will come & go, but good character, love and spirit will always provide joy

Love is the best reason to celebrate. Find something or someone you love and let the celebrations begin!

A lot of people say love is pain. I say absence of love is pain. Love is joy, happiness and fulfillment. Without it, life is pain

I believe that what we say and think becomes our reality, focus on something with everything you have and it comes to you. I want love

When others decide to hurt you intentionally, the only thing you do is pray for them and love them through their pain

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